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    icdb error



                I opened a schematic in my machine it is poping up an icdb error

      how to clear the icdb error in my schematic ,why does this error comes


      thanks and regards

      AGXIN J

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          Agxin you did not add additional information which can help understand the reason for the error.

          Can you post a screenshot or a copy/paste of the error?




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            Marco isn't looking for a screen shot of the popup error - he wants the multi-line error in the Output window's "Errors" tab.

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              I sometimes get this error with my schematics.

              What it usually means is that the project has been copied whilst the icdb connection to the server is still open.

              This is because with our setup there is a network lag between closing the project and the project being released.


              How I 'fix' this problem, is that there is a file called sAddress.adr

              which will be located in the database\cdbsvr folder within the project.


              If you delete this file then you we be free to open the schematic with no icdb error.


              To prevent seeing the problem in the future, after closing your design and before copying just check the database\cdbsvr folder and make sure that the file sAddress.adr is not listed.


              (This solution is based on using DxDesigner 7.9.1 in Expedition flow)

              I have never had any problems with a design following this fix.

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                Deleting the saddress.adr file often fixes the issue, but the proper method to repair the issue is to launch System Tools\iCDB project Backup and then do Project Repair.


                The iCBD Project Backup utility allows the user to configure the number of backups created and saved on a per project basis.  I often set either Project Startup, or Shutdown to a number greater than 6.  These backups are self pruning and contain the schematic, CES contraints, and a copy of an Xpedition PCB layout.


                Project Repair.png


                If this happens routinely, you should launch and run in the background  the iCBD Server Monitor to diagnose the background cause.  This program may not be installed by default and you may need to run the Mentor Installer to add it to your system.

                Server Monitor.png

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                  Hello Gary,

                  Presume this iCDB project backup utility is only available in the new version (VX?) of expedition.


                  I don't seem to have it that on my version of MG.

                  I am running 7.9.1 and only have the following options.



                  Hence to clear the icdb error, I delete the address.adr file

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                    Added in EE 7.9.2...