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    Company logo to PADS-Layout translator (BMPinPCB)


      Image in Design - 2015

      The latest version of Image in Design is very powerful to translate logos or any pictures in PADS format.

      The main features are the Matix Display Mode, the Dynamic Two Tones Process and the Pixel Editor.


      Matrix Display Mode

      The Matrix Display Mode shows each pixel contained in the picture. The Zoom In and Zoom Out commands see all details with more accurate.


      Two Tones with dynamic preview

      The translation of a colored picture in only two colors black and white may change it significally. Image in Design - 2015 dynamically shows the color to black and white translation with the picture at the screen. You increase or decrease the threshold value using buttons in the tool bar. You checks immediatelly the result.


      Pixel Editor

      With the Pixel Editor command, the Pencil tools adds or removes selected pixels in the picture for the best final result. This feature has Undo and Redo.


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