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Update DxDataBook property on all parts in the project

Question asked by sebastian.duszyk on Jul 1, 2014

I have the following problem in DxDesigner,


We have enabled additional parameter from DxDataBook.dbc database in order to include this parameter to custom BOMs generated with Part Lister tool.

In our case the parameter is called a Subname and it denotes the type of the part e.g.: type of diode (Schottky, Zener etc.), resistor type (Flat Chip, Thick Film etc.) and so on.


Since this parameter have not been enabled from DxDataBook.dbc database by default, it does not exist on schematic parts and needs to be updated.

Updating the whole project (e.g. by part number) can be a tedious and error prone method.


Is there a quicker method of updating all parts in the project with custom parameters like in our case ?


Thanks in advance for help.

Kind Regards

Sebastian Duszyk