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How to setup a specific design center in a layout template for Valor NPI Integration usage?

Question asked by jos.van.gemert on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by yu.yanfeng

In our PCB platform we use pre-defined layout templates which represent technology classes for PCB designs to choose from. We want to implement Valor NPI Integration for the user community. Therefore we are preparing specific design centers per technology class. These are maintained in a central location, together with the Valor NPI environment file.

Since EE7.9.4 the possibility exists to apply such a design center to a design by selecting it in CES. But when doing so I ran into some issues:

1. When selecting a design center in CES (Tools > Valor NPI > Select Design Center…) I noticed that I can only select one from the default client location (SDD_HOME), but no data is available there and also not required. It doesn't respect the variable VALOR_DC_DIR that is set in the environment file. However the option Tools > Valor NPI > Create Design Center does.

2. To prevent the user from selecting the wrong design center (technology class analysis) it's preferred to have the correct design center already defined in the matching layout template. I tried to apply this in the template, but without success.

Is anybody familiar with setup of design centers in CES or a layout template?

Any help with the 2 issues would be appreciated very much.