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    The PCB Design Flow of the Future  - blog post


      In my latest blog post "The PCB Design Flow of the Future" I take a look at the more traditional PCB design flow and compare it

      to a more modern integrated PCB design flow.


      Perhaps the traditional flow looks very familiar to you, perhaps the features of the modern flow are new to you.


      Check out the post on LinkedIn here: http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140702140239-18941456-the-pcb-design-flow-of-the-future


      Or my PADS blog here: http://www.pads.com/blog/post/the-pcb-design-flow-of-the-future-173c5ebc-ad4b-44de-83f8-d838e3072225


      Let me know what you think,