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DC to DXD Batch Translation Support?

Question asked by chris.smith on Jul 8, 2014

Is there a supported method of batch translation of a DC Library to DXD for nightly translations?


I can see some references to the DXLIB2LMC.exe


DCLIB2DX  -  DC to DxD Library Translator. Version 2.4.0  Build 560492 at 2013-06-06 12:17:12

Note: Running the command ` '"C:\MentorGraphics\7.9.5EE\SDD_HOME\lm\win32\bin\dxlib2lmc.exe" -CentralLib="C:\temp\MentorLib\MentorLib.lmc" -Partition="Border" -LogFile="C:\temp\MentorLib\SymbolLibs\Border\migration.log"' `


Our goals are to be able to run a translation each night from a test server w/o normalize symbols and using a config file we use manually now.