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Is there a "on page" connector in pads logic?

Question asked by ron.morgan on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by bradu

Hi all,


This is not an emergency or anything, but I have been meening to ask this for a while now.. like for a year:) im using PADS 9.5 ES.

when have several schematic sheets. I use the off page symbol to connect nets on different schematic sheets. No problems. Other than the annoying little [1], or [4] that Pads logic adds. I get why it’s there, I would like to turn it off but haven't found a way to do that. But that is not what I am asking here. Unless you know an easy way to do that?


My real question is, is there an "on page symbol" to connect nets on the same page. Right now I just leave dangling wires and rename them to match a net on the other side of the schematic page. While this works, its.. For lack of a better term.. kinda ugly.  In the example below, I have 4 wires that connect to some stuff on the other side of the schematic page. I dont want to run the wires all the way over there as that will end up making the schematic cluttered and really a little less readable.


as always thanks for your input. this is a really helpful fourm.