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ASCII In and Out

Question asked by PeteBrant on Nov 24, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2009 by milostnik


So, can anyone at Mentor explain the thinking behind removing simple ASCII in and OUT capability in EE2007.3 and beyond?



I say removed, because in effect, it is - What we have now is Encoded ASCII. Which is encrypted and decrypted via a licensed executable. (An executable that Mentor didn't bother to wrap up in with any form of user interface, it has to be run in a  command window)



All my code, that relied on ASCII in out (And since we are transistioning from Boardstation to Expedition, this is a LOT) now has to be modified to perform encrpytion. When I advised my Boss that I had to change all my code his first response was, "Who do I bill for your time at Mentor?"



Secondly, at the moment, the license is free. At what point do Mentor envisage charging for an ASCII encrption license, or , dumping ASCII altogther?