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Problem transfering a license from one computer to another with Sourcery CodeBench?

Question asked by DaveB on Jul 10, 2014
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I am currently using both Sourcery CodeBench for ARM EABI and COLDFIRE (I have a paid standard license for each).  Also, I use 2 different computers for development so my 2 seats of each license are used up.  I just replaced one computer with a new one so I need to transfer the licenses to the new host PC.


I have tried the option called "Obtain a license automatically", but obviously no license is available.


I have tried the option called "Install a license file you alredy have", selecting the target.lic from the old computer.

But I just get error stating "No license for 'Sourcery CodeBench for ARM EABI' is available in installed license files.


I have tried the option called "Configure your existing Mentor Graphics license for Sourcery CodeBench", but again it shows that no license is available when pointing to the target.lic file.


Do I need to hack the target.lic file and change the host ID to my new host PC?  If so, it seems like they might mention that or this situation in documentation somewhere?


I'm sure this situation comes up all the time, but I just haven't been able to figure it out.  I would appreciate any advice.