SPEF file comparison for Calibre xRC and StarRC

Discussion created by Farhan.Rasheed on Jul 12, 2014


I run the extraction for my project using xRC and StarRC and the extracted file is in SPEF format. Then I compare the SPEF file using myBingo tool to find pin to pin resistance. The problem is the SPEF files are different for some nets ,


in xRC the net is IP1/@2 112.31 90.31 and second net is IP1/@4 112.31 91.20

in StarRC the net is IP1/@4 112.31 90.31 and seconf net is  IP1/@2 112.31 91.20

Somehow the co-ordinates or name changes for both, This causing the problem for myBingo as it can't compare the nets  and it just skip it considering it to be a different net.
Any solution for that ? Any configuration through which I can write the SPEF file like StarRC ?