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Managing/Changing PWR/GND Symbols

Question asked by rob.hensel on Jul 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by robert_davies

This topic is well discussed, but still unable to sort this out on my design.


I have added a new ground symbol to the library - CHGND_MTR.  In my schematic I cannot chose this as an alternate ground symbol.  But it does show when I open Ground Off-Page types in the part editor.  Then if I chose Tools->Update from Library, this ground symbol changes to the symbol for AGND in the lib.  How do I rectify the library, what can be selected as an alternate, and what is in the design.


Now for power symbols.  The default starting schematic appears to have a single symbol called +V, with no net assigned, which I think is perfect since I'll be able to assign to whatever net I want and not get symbol/net mismatch errors.  How would I go about deleting all of the existing special symbols in the lib (I think I can do this part), and transfer that to the schematic?  I'll have a challenge making sure all maintain all nets and don't break something I suspect.