Open Block Schematics (Sub Blocks / Building Blocks) from Board Schematic

Discussion created by fuba on Jul 28, 2014
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Hello out there,


I have an application running over all sheets in a schematic, scanning each sheet for electrical components, and extracting attributes, and much more.

On a few designs we use Blocks (sub Schematics) / hierachical design.


My Problem is now, how do I dive down / push / open via script vba / vb.net code the subschematic,

and analyze the sheet in regards to my components attriutes and so on.


The next question is also, how can I find out when checking a component on a schematic sheet if it is a sub block, or a "real component".

I have tried a few things, but nothing really bullet proof / successful.


Thanks to everyone contributing to this thread.


Please do not miss the attached file.