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    Export DxD/Expedition to Dxd/Pads?


      Most of our designs are based in DxDesigner/Expedition 7.9.1 flow (we may migrate to 7.9.5 later this year).


      However we would like to export some of our designs to a 3rd party to work on who uses DxDesigner/Pads flow.


      Is it possible to do this convertion/export and what steps do we need to take?

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          If you know you are going to do this with a design then you should start off with a netlist flow design. This can be targeted to either Expedition or PADS (assuming you have the correct licences) via the PCB Interface. If the design already exists then you may have some success creating a new netlist project and pasting the schematics in from the Expedition project. But I don't think this is a documented solution, you may find something on SupportNet. It is a case of suck it and see.

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            So basically although both the expedition flow and the pads flow use DxDesigner the schematics are not swappable between the two flows.

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              They use a different set of property names and require different pieces of information. The netlist flow requires all packaging information in order to work, unique part number (DEVICE), pin numbers (#) and footprint or cell (PKG_TYPE). Copying between projects should convert properties between the flows but if you've not fully specified the information in the library because Expedition doesn't need all of it, then the netlist will be incomplete. You would have to test this in your environment.