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Modified edifExporter.exe -schematic output

Question asked by mark.daglish on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by mark.daglish

I'm a test engineer who doesn't do schematic capture using DxDesigner.

But I'm trying to use the edifExporter.exe -schematic command (EE7.9.5) to export an EDIF file for import to a third party test/viewing tool (JTAG Technologies ProVision/Visualizer).

The schematic displays / functions as expected when imported into Visualizer and so does the extracted net/device list in ProVision.

However I have one issue with the ProVision net/device list that I'm struggling to resolve.


The third party JTAG Technologies ProVision tool needs to understand Device Types and subsequently maps these types to device models for test generation.

On my site the required Device Type information is held within the DxDesigner project DEVICE property.


The *.eds file from Command Line edifExporter.exe –schematic contains many DxDesigner project properties such as COMM_ID & PART_DESCP.

But unfortunately for me it does not contain the DEVICE property.

This is making the device type / model allocation process somewhat burdensome.


Is there a way to make the edifExporter.exe –schematic command include the DEVICE property in its output file?