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    Modified edifExporter.exe -schematic output


      I'm a test engineer who doesn't do schematic capture using DxDesigner.

      But I'm trying to use the edifExporter.exe -schematic command (EE7.9.5) to export an EDIF file for import to a third party test/viewing tool (JTAG Technologies ProVision/Visualizer).

      The schematic displays / functions as expected when imported into Visualizer and so does the extracted net/device list in ProVision.

      However I have one issue with the ProVision net/device list that I'm struggling to resolve.


      The third party JTAG Technologies ProVision tool needs to understand Device Types and subsequently maps these types to device models for test generation.

      On my site the required Device Type information is held within the DxDesigner project DEVICE property.


      The *.eds file from Command Line edifExporter.exe –schematic contains many DxDesigner project properties such as COMM_ID & PART_DESCP.

      But unfortunately for me it does not contain the DEVICE property.

      This is making the device type / model allocation process somewhat burdensome.


      Is there a way to make the edifExporter.exe –schematic command include the DEVICE property in its output file?

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          If you are exporting data from an Expedition design then the equivalent property is Part Number, DEVICE is used in the PADS and other third party PCB flows.

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            I can see the Part Number property within DxDesigner and it does contain the same information as DEVICE.

            However, I have the same issue with this property in that it doesn’t seem to be present in the output *.eds file.


            If I view the EDIF *.eds output file I can see structures that start like these:


                            (property COMM_ID

                              (string  (stringDisplay "EV2A16AMNYU35"…………….


                           (property PART_DESCP

                              (string  (stringDisplay "MEMORY"………………………….


                            (property PKG_TYPE

                              (string  (stringDisplay "ic_tsop_44_M_IPC"…………


            I can use these property names (COMM_ID, PART_DESCP, PKG_TYPE………….. ) to identify where the third party JTAG Technologies ProVision tool extracts Device Type data from.

            For example using  COMM_ID gives a Device Type of EV2A16AMNYU35 and using PART_DESCP gives a Device Type of MEMORY.


            I’ve search the *.eds for “Part Name”, “Part_Name” and “DEVICE” but they don’t appear as properties.

            I’ve also attempted to use “Part Name”, “Part_Name” and “DEVICE” as the Device Type identifier when importing into ProVision without success.


            I have to admit I don’t have a specification for the ProVision file import parser, I’m finding all of this out through trial and error.

            But from what I’ve done so far I’m convinced I need to include this device type data as a property in the *.eds.

            So I still have the same basic question,  is there a way of modifying the edifExporter.exe –schematic command to include additional properties?

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              We're looking into this and will get back to you when/if we have any information.

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                Try using the -symbolic_cells switch, this seems to include the required properties.

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                  I’ve now tried using the –schematic switch in combination with –symbolic_cells (and others).

                  It did produce a file with the DEVICE property and I was able to use this in the third party tool to import company part numbers.

                  So my theory on how the third party file parser is working is probably correct.


                  Unfortunately the -symbolic_cells switch appears to makes other changes that cause errors in the net list produced by the third party tool.

                  Without the –symbolic_cells switch a get a good net list but bad device list.

                  With the  –symbolic_cells  switch I get a bad net list but good device list.


                  I’ve noticed a reference to use of an EDIF configuration file when using some EDIF export tools.

                  Is this relevant to the  edifExporter.exe –schematic tool I’m using (it doesn’t appear in the –h list)?

                  If it is, could it be a way of modifying the edifExporter.exe –schematic output to only add the DEVICE property?