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forward annotation problem.  BIG problem.

Question asked by volain on Aug 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by volain

This one is a little difficult to describe, but here goes.  I've got a board that's completely layed out.  Now, I went and made some changes to the schematic (added and deleted some parts, changed some connections), but when I forward annotate, the process changes the wrong parts. 


More details: I've got two components of the same type, U5, and U11.  I added a third component of the same type, U77.  U5 and U11 should stay put, and U77 should be imported when the ECO is processed. BUT, what happens is U5 get changed to U77, but stays in the same physical location, and the old U5 now gets "imported" to the lower left corner.


I tried several methods with the same results-running PCB Interface from DxDesigner, running compare/ECO from PADS, doing Forward Annotate from the DxDesigner link in pads.  When I run the Compare/ECO, I see in the part differences section of the report




U5                          U77


This is bad.  What's going on?