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DxDesigner generates corrupt netlist

Question asked by roderick.hoffman on Aug 13, 2014



I have generated a netlist from the Expidition flow. I am generating a .tel file (Cadence Allegro) netlist. When I look at the netlist there is no part name associated with my reference designators:




! '' ;  AR5 AR30 Q18 AR48 TP19 U44D Q30 TP54 TP74 U15 JMP3 U51A U45A 47,


As the bold snippit shows, these parts have no part identifier. The netlist is also having issues differentiating between the various parts, as Q30 is a transistor and AR5 is an op amp, TP19 is just a test point, etc.. These are all getting grouped together as the same part.


I had a netlist working not too long ago with the same schematic. I had to rework a few items in the schematic, and since then, my netlist is corrupted.


Any help is appreciated. Here is a snippet of my working netlist before making changes:




! 'CRCW060321K0FK' ! '21K' ! '1%' ;  R371 R377 R365 R383

! 'DAC8718SRGZT' ;  U14 U15 U16


So you can see what was working with having the proper parts for their respective reference designators (R371, R377, etc)...