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    page connectors selection



                 How to select only the page connector symbol alone in the schematic using a filter ?

      How to select all the symbols alone in all the pages of  a schematic ?


      AGXIN J

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          Hi AGXIN,


          use the filter function in the dxd. You can use different settings to select different items


          Attached the example to select only symbols

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            Dear sir

                        If I use that filter all the symbols (symbols with parts including the page connectors and power and ground )got selected ,

            consider a symbol is having attributes like part number part name part label ,and symbols that are not having the attributes like this, while using the filter both of the symbols get selected how to select

            symbols that arecreated as  components alone?

            If you are hiding the visible attribute value eg (part number XST29089)by using symbol filter in the check box and selecting the entire page and disabiling the check box of part number multiple value  in properties window  ,for the page connector these attributes gets added How to avoid this ?


            AGXIN J

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              Use Find/Replace and in the Find tab enter the information you know such as 'Part Number '- expand the More button - use 'Look in - Components', 'Properties Only' (then fill in Part Number = xxx) and set the scope as you require, Project, Current Schematic etc. This will select the items even if the property is invisible.

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                Did any of these suggestions work for you? If they did and this question is answered please mark it as Answered. If not perhaps we can suggest something else.



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                  This does not use the filter, but try using the Find menu and search for the symbol name. Mine is called onsht.1.  From there you can control the scope of the search. (it's labelled 'Within' here). If you have more than one off-sheet connector you will have to repeat the process for each.

                  Hope you get them!



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                    If you just want to select component symbols, use the Navigator pane to select the part.   You can even filter your results in the Navigator pane to only select certain symbols easily