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    Symbol with bad "Partition" value in DxDesigner...




      I was migrating and previous design (V9.5) and some of my placed symbols have a bad "Partition" value because of the legacy information that probably comes from an old V2005 designs (Partition was not as important in PADS Netlist Flow if I understand well...).

      Because of this, the Package Tool is not able to retreive the symbol information in my Central Library (that I have previously migrated from my Netlist Flow Libraries), because the "Partition" does not have a valid value.


      My question is: Is there any way to change the "Partition" value on the placed symbols to match those in my Central Library ?

      If not, how can I fix that ?


      I hope I was clear enough !




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          Hi Simon,


          In Integrated designs "Partition" attribute value is checked against library. You probably got packager error:

          ERROR: Block PREVIEW, Page 1, Symbol $1I53:

          The required symbol is not in the Parts DataBase.

          This is a preview:87c256 symbol

          with a reference designator U1


          There is no way to type manually new value for "Partition" attribute. You need to update symbol from library. To do this follow instruction below:


          1. Select symbol with right mouse button and choose from menu "Symbol" -> "Replace Symbol..."



          2. "Replace Symbol/Part" window will open

          3. Choose "Browse" button -> DxDataBook will open, find your part and select it

          4. After part is selected in DxDataBook values in "Replace Symbol/Part" will be filled automatically

          5. Set correct options on "Replace Symbol/Part" dialog like in the picture below (or set your own options) and press "Replace" button.



          6. Symbol will be replaced from library and correct Partition attribute will be used and Package Tool will not report error. It might happen that you will have to start packager with option "Delete local data then rebuild all local library data".


          Best regards,


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            Thanks Daniel for your help !


            But, I was aware of this method to replace symbols (a symbol at once...) and just looking for another path to do things...I mean, a automated way to replace all symbol that have unreference partitions or a simple way to rename partitions !


            No luck here...


            Maybe a VBScript could do the trick ? I'll keep digging...

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              Hi Simon,


              To minimize effort you can use Find functionality to search for all of the symbols and than reaplce them all at once.


              Best regards,