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    How do I create a new PCB for a design


      Hi all.


      I created a small PCB layout from a small schematic design, but I deleted the board.pcb file by accident and now I can't get it back and I can't create a new one.

      I have repackaged the design and tried to create a new PCB but I get the error "Expedition project file no longer exists" so why doesn't it give me the option to create a new one? I have even removed the PCB folder from the project thinking it would force the tool to create a new layout but no luck.

      any help would be appricated.



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          Although we don't recommend doing so, edit the project file (prj) in a text editor and remove the value from the line:


          KEY PCBDesignPath ""


          You may also need to remove the following entry from the  line:


          KEY LayoutTemplate ""


          Then see if you can create a new PCB.


          Another alternative is to create a new board in the project and set up the design again, from the blocks node set the top level schematic as the root. Then create a PCB from this new Board.


          As an aside:don't you keep automated backups of your designs?

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            • In the Navigator window pane, click on the board object and Right Mouse Button delete board. 
            • The schematics will be moved down to the block section of the navigator. 
            • Select the first page of the schematic and Right Mouse Button create board.


            Have you used the iCDB project backup?  The iCDB project backup will create copies of your Expedition design allowing you to easily recover past designs.

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              Hi Robert,

              That worked, I closed the project and opened it in a text editor removed the key path and template. It created a new pcb board for me but also gave me a message saying the "target layer has 8 metalic layers and all layers will be deleted" not sure what that means but it worked.

              I saw Gary Lameris explaination on how to create a pcb by deleting the board which will move the schematic to the block section than on the first page right click and create board. This seems like the safest way to go when I screwup in the future, though I have not tested this option yet.

              At the moment I am just testing newly created symbols than passing them to layout to verify they work and also test pin swapping to verify that works before releasing them to the library. As you can tell I did not set up the ICDB project backup because of the small amount of symbols I'm testing at the moment. Now I wish I had set that up but I learned something new in the process.

              Thanks for the help.



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                Hi Gary,


                Thanks for your input, I'll test that option later, it looks like this maybe the fastest and safest way to get my board back in the future.