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Script Shortcut/KeyBinding in DxDesigner

Question asked by Marco.Sewtz on Aug 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by Patrick.Cashman

I'am currently trying to get a keybinding for an often used script in DxDesigner EE7.9.4.


For Keybinding I use this script:


Option Explicit

Application.AppendOutput "Output", "Script executed"

''' Bind all user defined shortcuts here
Sub Bind
 'Constants Definitions
 Const Menu = 0
 Const Cmd = 1

 Const Accelerator = 1
 Const Key = 2

 Const Sticky = 1
 Const NotSticky = 0

 Bindings("Application").AddKeyBinding "Ctrl+Shift+A", "run foo.vbs", Cmd, Accelerator
End Sub



The script foo.vsb is located in the WDIR directory and can be run using the command line in DxDesigner. Its only function is showing a MsgBox.

Now the problem:

The binding is registrated and can be found when executing "run ShowBindings.vbs", but there is no execution of the script.



Does anyone have an solution or workaround for this problem?



The script is based on the files

  • %SSD_HOME%/examples/pcb/scripts/KeyBindings.vbs
  • %SSD_HOME%/exped_wvo.vbs