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    DxData book setup through ODBC server


      Hi There,

      I have started Dx-Designer recently for schematic program for my project. We have license copy and it is installed on my system. We have also installed ODBC (.mdb) in to my system.


      Here is the problem: -


      when I select any library (Cap, Res, Connector etc......) in the Dx-Data book while I am in Dx-Designer, Dx-Data book ask libray path every-time. please see attached image.  I am thinking that there is something wrong in set-up of Dx-Data book. Can any one give me steps/process how to set Dx-Data book correctly and also its related items?


      I am also looking for over-all set-up help for Dx-Designer program from installing step.


      Please any help or support will be greatly appreciate.


      Thank you,







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          Hi - Worth checking that DxDesigner DxDatabook Data Source (Setup > Settings > DxDatabook Data Source) has been setup.



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            ODBC is included with Windows OS. You invoke ODBC. I have W7 64, so my ODBC is located in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe. I used it often enough in initial

            setup of data bases that I created a short cut and put it in my PADS folder in Start menus.


            Excel and Access will work for data bases. Using Excel you must exit DxD to modify the file. Access works with out exiting DxD. In ODBC Data Sourcs Administrator window, Use DSN tab click Add. Choose either " Microsoft Excel Driver(*.xls)" or "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)" Click finish. Nest pop up is ODBC Microsoft (xxxxx) Setup. file in a Data Source Name that will be seen in DxD library setup. Version may need to be set. Click Select Workbook. Point to a database file. In ODBC Microsoft (xxxxx) Setup click OK. See Link has been added to ODBC Data Sourcs Administrator. Click OK.


            DxD designer open a project. Databook window right click, configure, edit configuration. Click Add Library. Add Library Name. Highlight new library, click Add table, click New. Click Add in Data Source Manager. Radio button ODBC, switches to connections:. Find the database, click apply. See file added to Data source names. Click OK.


            In the configuration window set up visibility for attributs in the schematic.


            The Add tableprocess can be a bit onery at times, I have had to give the datadase file name a trailing number when Configure window would not accept the table name. Hope that made sence.