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Relocate the Library Config Files to a Network Drive

Question asked by h.e.twyman on Aug 29, 2014
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Department of Engineering and Digital Arts,

Jennison Building,

University of Kent.


Kent. CT2 7NT



Our department has been using PADS for over 3 years now within teaching.


We have 100 First Year undergraduates creating a PCB design using PADS Logic and PADS Layout.


Each student has their own network drive to save their designs on.


The problem arises when one student creates a library entry using the File/Library/Manage Lib List...


This config file is stored on the local C-Drive.


When another student sits on that PC, he experiences errors because he doen't have permission to access the Libraries that were specified by the previous student.


Is there any startup script that can place this config file on the student's network drive?


Then each time a new student logs in, PADS will read the individual student's network drive config file.


PADS seems to be designed for individuals sitting and using a single PC all the time, however, in a teaching environment, PCs are shared.


Harvey Twyman