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    TVF functon that print polygon by polygon extents


      Hello all,


      I'm trying to write TVF function that will print every polygon extents of derived layer.


      I found that I can print only total layer extents with the following command


      tvf::GET_LAYER_EXTENT layer


      Is there a way to get polygon by polygon extents?


      I know that it is possible by DesignRev script but currently I need to do it by pure Calibre DRC.

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          Hi Roman,


          The EXTENTS layer operation from SVRF appears to be supported in runtime TVF by using as a parameter to the tvf::SETLAYER or tvf::OUTLAYER commands. I haven't done this myself so can't offer too much more but it might help you get closer to what you want. For more details you might check the SVRF manual where you can search for "layer operations in runtime TVF"


          Best regards,