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    Updated .dbc file



      I'm using Expedition version 7.9.5 and recently I updated the dbc file (Added diferent name for some properties), I already have a schematic with the old symbols properties in it and I would like to update all the symbols properties per our new dbc file. How can I do that without delete the symbols and add them again? Thank you.

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          TMK, this can only be done by part number. Use Edit/Find to select all of one Part Number or unique identifier (choose Select All if pop-up appears). Leave them selected and locate the corresponding part number in Databook using the new .dbc file. Select the line-item and in the vertical toolbar by the symbol preview window, look for the button that says "Annotate Properties to Selected Components" (right above the eraser button).

          This should work fine, you just have to go through the partslist line by line.

          Good luck,