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    Other options besides text in View.PopupMenu?


      The documentation for View.Popup menu shows an array of strings are passed in. This creates a list of text items.


      Is it possible to get separators? Can an item in the list get a check mark? What about a bmp icon?


      I am looking to possibly add a check mark next to a line item to show a feature has been enabled. See the following prototype code:


      Dim strArray, ans, useFeature1, useFeature2
      useFeature1 = False
      useFeature2 = False
      strArray = Split("Cancel Popup|Feature 1 Enabled|Feature 2 Enabled|Done", "|")
      ans = pcbDoc.ActiveView.PopupMenu(UBound(strArray)+1, strArray)
      If ans = 1 Then
           'Toggle Feature 1
           useFeature1 = (Not useFeature1)
      End If
      If ans = 2 Then
           'Toggle Feature 2
           useFeature2 = (Not useFeature2)
      End If