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plane areas erroneously connected

Question asked by volain on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2014 by jim.granville

This is probably a case of me expecting the software to read my mind, but here's what happened. 


On a mixed plane layer, I created two separate plane areas AGND and DGND.  Now, I want those two planes connected at ONE point and ONE point only.  What I did was I used a 1206 component and connected one pin to AGND and one pin to DGND.  When everything was completely routed, I went to ECO and added a connection between the two pins of that 1206-this combined the two nets.  The problem is that when I run Plane Connect, I get a single plane rather than two separate planes.  The bigger problem is that I rushed this board out, and didn't check the CAM output that carefully, and now my board is useless. I realize I probably could have accomplished what I want by creating a plane cutout, but that seems to be a bit more difficult,  


I realize there are many lessons here, but my question is: Is there any way to preserve the two separate planes when I run Plane Connect, or it that "just the way it works"?