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Value with nano unit prefix in xDX Designer (xDM Library Tools)

Question asked by robertd on Sep 8, 2014

I have a problem with Units Prefixes in new Central Library (xDM Library Tools) Feature. xDX Designer don't recongnize nano. In attached pictures i included all information, but I'll try to describe it also. I want to make In Central Library all components seprate for each value f.e. 2.2nF - first problem is that I can't type in Value Attribute (Part Editor) Units prefixes like 1u or 1uF, or 1n,1p etc.
I need to type in numeric values like 1u - > 1e-6x, 1n -> 1e-9x etc. It would be nice to type only 1n and that's all. Second Problem is as i mentioned at front -> I can't get nano prefix to work, it recognize it as micro (u) and it's a proper value but it would be much easier to search for 1n than 0.001u in dxDatabook.