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    How to view the picture within HTML text in Message Window?




      Does anybody have any problems viewing the pictures within HTML text in Message Window?


      In ExpeditionPCB, I need to place the pre-defined HTML text (test.htm) into Message Window using Automation.

      For this, my VBS script has the following lines:



      Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
      Set filein = fso.OpenTextFile("M:\VBScripts\test.htm", 1)
      str = filein.ReadAll



      As a result, test.htm is successfully visible in Message Window.

      However, test.htm has some picture within its body:

      <v:imagedata src="test_files/image001.png" o:title=""/>

      test_files folder (containing image001.png) is present next to test.htm.
      But I don't see this picture in Message Window of ExpeditionPCB.