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      I have two questions about this data exchange format;


      1) Does anyone know of a script that has been written to export the IPC-2581 format from PADS Layout?


      2) Mentor Graphics is listed as a member of the IPC-2581 consortium. Does Mentor have any plans to implement IPC-2581 as an export option in PADS Layout?

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          Denis - thanks for your questions. I am going to move this to the PADS Layout communtiy, as the feedback area this was posted in is for feedback pertaining to our new community layout/version. You should receive some response on your question there.

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            So sorry, thought I was in the Layout section. My bad.

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              Does PADS Professional support this IPC standard?

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                Yes it does support both ODB++ and IPC-2581


                Regards, Yan

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                  PADS Standard does not.

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                    We are planning to add IPC-2581 output to PADS Standard & Standard Plus. It's on the road map. I'll let you know when it has been scheduled for a release.


                    In the meantime I'd like to ask the folks on this community who plans to use this instead/as well as Gerber and/or ODB++?





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                      ODB++ does not work well for me in PADS. I will use gerber or IPC-2581. Depends on what my fabricator supports. Would be nice if Mentor supported "Gerber X2" also as Altium has. Should not be hard to code in. See link to Idea.Add GERBER X2 EXPORT

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                        PADS should put a major Effort into correcting errors and short comings regarding gerber and ODB++ file generation. The ODB++ option has been around for several years and it is still unusable. Gerber is currently the only output that can be trusted. The fact that the only way to generate aligned gerber files is to offset their origins is a complete joke. Why would anyone ever want the files misaligned. It shouldn't even be an option... instead we have to jump through hoops to generate them aligned.


                        If PADS implements IPC-2581 output with issues/bugs it will be quit sad. After all, the sole purpose of this tool is to generate files for PCB manufacturing. If the output can't be trusted the whole thing is worthless.

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                          This has been an area identified by our customer support team has being high priority to address.


                          We are therefore focusing a lot of effort to improve the quality of the ODB++ output in the PADS release scheduled around May 2016. We also plan to add the IPC-2581 output at the same time.



                          Steve Hughes


                          PADS Technical Product Manager