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xDX Databook + Central Library

Question asked by robertd on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by Alex_Grange


We wanted to make xdx Databook database for our Company Parts Managment, and I started from installing ODA Starter Library with Integrated Flow. And I noticed that database entries got only Symbol, not decal it need corresponding Part in Central Library right? So If We want to use xDX Databook we need to:

1. Make entry in mdb database with our new part.

2. Make corresponding Part in xDM Library Tool with the same name.


Is there any way to make New Part in both CL and xDX Databook using xDM Library Tools? So f.e. I use New Part and it adds new part also in xDX Databook?

What is the option in xDM Library Tools Synchronization?

Is there any way to easily make xDX Databook Part entry using PADS?