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    xDX Databook + Central Library



      We wanted to make xdx Databook database for our Company Parts Managment, and I started from installing ODA Starter Library with Integrated Flow. And I noticed that database entries got only Symbol, not decal it need corresponding Part in Central Library right? So If We want to use xDX Databook we need to:

      1. Make entry in mdb database with our new part.

      2. Make corresponding Part in xDM Library Tool with the same name.


      Is there any way to make New Part in both CL and xDX Databook using xDM Library Tools? So f.e. I use New Part and it adds new part also in xDX Databook?

      What is the option in xDM Library Tools Synchronization?

      Is there any way to easily make xDX Databook Part entry using PADS?

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          Hi Robert,


          With the new integrated flow in PADS, the part definition is defined from the Central Library. Meaning that the part will reference the associated symbol and decal that is attached to the part. Therefore, defining the symbol or decal in the access database is not required, as long are you are pointing to the correct Part Number in the schematic. In the case of the ODA library, we wanted to specifically to define the symbol in the access database, but not decal. Personally, if I have decal within the database I would never annotate the Cell Name property onto the schematic, unless I am using alternative packages.


          There are a couple of ways to solve your problem using xDx DataBook. The method I prefer to use is to use generic symbols (Right Mouse Button > Generic Symbol in xDx DataBook) in the schematic and when I have my component information I use the hierarchical verification tool to annotate the properties defined in the access database to the symbols in the schematic.You do not need to use generic symbols, but you can also search the central library directly without the access database by using the CL tab at the bottom of xDx DataBook. In the CL tab you can find and place parts directly into the schematic and use the verify tool when you have added them into the access database.