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Annotating schematic

Question asked by jernej on Sep 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2015 by y.hubert

Hi everyone!


I am new and trying to learn to use PADS(DxDesigner).

I somehow managed to figure out how to create schematic, how to create libraries and how to route PCB(all steps seperately, not together as I will explain).
I am having problems with annotating the schematic.

For a starter, I put few resistors(copied form Optimum Design Libraries), few capacitors(same as resistors) and few ICs(my design) into schematic.

Resistors have reference designators "R?", capacitors "C?" and ICs "U?".

But when I run the packager, it replaces all Ref Designators with Un (n is a sequence number of the element, basically, all Rs and Cs are replaced with Us)!


Somehow, I could not find the settings to correct this!

Also, I am wondering, why can't I replace existing reference designator (for example: U2) with default "U?". The question mark is reported as being invalid option.

But when designing a library, it is perfectly valid to use "U?" for reference designator.

Why so?

Am I missing something?



regards, Jernej