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The state of the generation of symbols

Question asked by milostnik on Sep 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by john_dube

Hello folks,

especially Mentor folks


I was today stuck with the difference that I see in generating a symbol using DxD and the integrated bottom-up and top-down methodologies.


Imagine you have a complex circuit here simplified as resistors

Now imagine that I would like to substitute the second resistor (representing a part of the circuit) with a block.

There are two ways for doing this.


  • The top - down aproach


In DxD I use the add--> block command

and I get a generated symbol that looks like this.

It has a double border and it gets a name that was given in the requester.


  • The bottom-up approach


Here I start with the lower level and put ports

and let the tool generate a symbol with the tools--> Generate block symbol.


The wizard will open a new symbol in symbol editor that looks like this.

This block has a simple box and I can shape it as I like.




The tool is presented with the possibility to do both approaches, but the difference is striking.

In a schematic this looks very confusing and misleading. In this example like this:



My question are.

  • Does the tool have a "standard" way to represent block symbols (Is it always double lines, or always simple lines, or something else)
  • Do I have to correct all the block symbols by hand to match the other style?
  • Is Mentor aware of this discrepancy
  • Does Mentor plan to do something in this area?
  • Has anyone come up with a better solution to this?


Thanks for every insight.