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    DxDesigner where does my PDF go?


      When using DxD to create a PDF of the schematic I select file>Export>PDF...   but where does the PDF go?  How can I change it?

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          After you select File->Export->PDF you should get a dialog box like this where you can choose where it will be saved


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                    The PDF will be exported to the location you provide under the output file  name

            you can change it but provide proper location and file name ,the check boxes you checked will provide considerable effects in the created pdf file

            add popup menu on components if checked you can view the symbol details in the pdf

            visible component -net links will create hyper links in the schematic

            start pdf reader will open the pdf generated with the software you use to open pdf files

            change ict to schematics will convert the ict tabular form of schematics to pdf file

            there are lot of color options available in pdf generation

            color on white -generates colored schematics in white background with black text

            clour on black will generate pdf with black background and colored symbols

            black and white will generate black and white

            under fonts select use dx designer font mappings to make the schematic fonts look as in the tool

            for changing the color schemes go to settings and set color for different objects

            which will appear while printing or on pdf generation