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What is the procedure to bring the net list from padslogic to padsLayout in 9.5 ??

Question asked by kabaleeswaran.K.R on Sep 23, 2014

Hi eveyone, Previously i used orcad for schematic design and Pads Layout 2005.For bring the netlist from schematic to layout i am using i am using two step. Step1:First time Netlist Generation For First time generation i will bring the Ascii net from orcad Schematic and import it in  Layout. Step 2:Second time or Multiple Times Geneating netlist For second time i will generate the netlist and compare the Netlist file with Board file and generate the ECO file,after that i will import the ECo file.Like that i will import the netlist in Layout i will be used this method for Multiple times. but right now i am using Pads Logic for schematic and Layout is 9.5.Let me explain any one is i need to follow above this method.or is there any method is there any method is available.Please explain any one.