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      I am getting an error while running a script in Expedition PCB. The message shows "Error:0x8004022d 'the automation code does not contain the licensing call needed for authentication'". What is it and help me sort out this.

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          When you get the document object before you do anything you must ask the license server for authentication.


          Set app = GetObject(,"MGCPCB.ExpeditionPCBApplication") 'Use this if you are out of process

          Set app = Application 'Use this if you are in process


          Set docObj = app.ActiveDocument

          Set licenseServer =CreateObject("MGCPCBAutomationLicensing.Application")

          Key = docObj.Validate(0)

          LicenseToken =licenseServer.GetToken(Key)

          Set licenseServer = Nothing

          docObj.Validate (LicenseToken) 'This makes sure you have an authorized version of Expedition running

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            This is addressed in PCB Automation Reference Manual (expedition_pcb_auto.pdf).

            See "Chapter 1 Examples of PCB Automation > Using Automation Licenses and Document Validation" for more information

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              This is error I am getting at the mentioned line. Where I have to add the coding for license server for authentication

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                I would suggest to create a validation function, such as GetLicensedDoc() introduced in PCB Automation Reference, and get pcbDoc from GetLicensedDoc(app)


                It should be shaped like below:


                Set app = GetObject(, "MGCPCB.Application")   ' or, just "Set app = Application" if you are running the script internally

                Set pcbDoc = GetLicensedDoc(app)


                ' Place your codes here - remove your previous statement of setting pcbDoc


                Public Function GetLicensedDoc(app)

                   ... ' Refer to PCB Automation Rererence Manual

                End Function

                Or, place Kendall's code snippet just after your pcbDoc definition, after changing variable 'docObj' to 'pcbDoc' so that it matches to your code.

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                  It should be above the line 72 or below the line 72?

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                    I have called it as main



                    ' Get the application object

                    Dim pcbApp

                    'Set pcbApp = GetObject(,"MGCPCB.ExpeditionPCBApplication")

                    Set pcbApp = GetObject(,"MGCPCB.Application")


                    ' Get the active document

                    Dim pcbDoc

                    Set pcbDoc = pcbApp.ActiveDocument


                    Call main()


                    then it should call the pcbApp at anywhere right?