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    Need help: Unable to find padstack


      Hi everyone!


      Since 2 weeks I'm working on a design with Expedition. First I entered the schematics in the DxDesigner and since last week I'm working on the PCB.

      There was no problems during my work but now I want to reopen the layout and then an error appers:

      Unable to find padstack 'v60r30d' for via range 1 to 8.


      The padstack is stored in the Central Library and I also thought that it is stored in the icdb. Can anyone help me restoring my layout?


      Please let my know every idea!


      Thanks in advance,


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          Wim Creyghton



          In the directory MentorGraphics\7.9.5EE\SDD_HOME\wg\win32\bin\ is a file called pcbdiagnostics.exe.

          This program has a "fix" option.


          Maybe this helps.




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            It sounds like the Expedition stackup, or layer count, has changed, somehow, without the knowledge of CES/CDB. There's an in consistency between CES/CDB and Expedition.


            You may want to run CES Diagnostics, that might force an analysis and correction of the stackups.


            Do you have an earlier version, a backup copy, of the .pcb database that will open? If so, I would check the layer count in that one and compare it to the layer count in CES launched from DxDesigner. Make any corrections necessary in CES, package the design, then try to open the .pcb again.


            Without actually seeing your database it's difficult to offer a silver bullet.

            Good luck,


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              I tested the PCBdiagnostics.



              Diagnostics Utility


              JobName: D:\PCB\Converter.pcb

              Date: 09/29/14 - 13:56:40


              Fix Option selected. 



              **** Layer Stackup Checks ****


              Layer count mismatch detected.

              Layer index mismatch detected.

              Removing layer indexes so they will be regenerated for layer mismatches

              ERROR: Resetting layer indexes failed.  This issue has not been fixed.


              **** Design Checks ****


              Diagnostics Utility finished


              2 known issue(s) were detected.



              Any ideas?




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                I can't say exactly where the 'Fix' button is. In Dx, when you run DxDiagnostics, it appears at the bottom of the output window.

                Make sure that your CES Output window is displayed and run again.  You should find some clue on what to do to fix the error there.


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                  Wim Creyghton

                  Maybe this helps.


                  Look under All programs for the Mentor Graphics SDD - System Tool - iCDB Project Backup program.

                  Select the Project file and click OK.

                  Under Project you have Clean Up, Create support package and Repair.


                  You can try to Clean Up or Repair the project.