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Finding available RefDes's in DX without running packager

Question asked by tom.brady on Sep 26, 2014
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At our company, we use a unique reference designator numbering system where ranges denote functions (i.e. 3800-3899 GPS [R3805, C3810], 500-599 Debug [IC501, DI500]). This is a rather archaic method but it is how we have done numbering since DC. Because of this numbering system, we cannot arbitrarily choose reference designators for components. Back in DC, there was a way to check for duplicate reference designator values. For some reason, this check was removed from DX.


My question is two parts:

Is there an easy way to see where we left off numbering components?

If not, is there some kind of VBS script that could be written to check for the next available RefDes in a given range and with a given component?


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