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Discussion created by erin_gowdy on Sep 30, 2014
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With the Xpedition VX.1 release comes a new product offering, xSD Systems Designer (or xSD, for short), which was specifically created for designers capturing the hardware description of multi-board systems.


xSD Systems Designer is ideal for the Hardware Implementation Space and ensures consistency and completeness of the System’s Hardware Description. However, what Systems Designer is definitely not is a hardware/software co-verification development environment.


Built as an extension to xDX Designer, it was developed in conjunction with key Mentor customers to significantly reduce or, better still, to completely eliminate, the costly design errors often introduced in the transfer of system definition information across the multi-board design and implementation process. As such, xSD Systems Designer is sure to replace the current disconnected and office-based tools that are commonly used with Xpedition PCB design tools for multi-board system design & implementation.


We encourage you to use this new community to post any thoughts or questions you have regarding xSD.