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Modify Part Lister output format

Question asked by vannguyen on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by robert_davies

Hi there,

Is it possible to output BOM in a row format instead of column format as currently setup in Part Lister?


Instead of display as shown below for substitute part:

C1     0.1uF     Mfg#1     Mfg#1_P/N     Mfg#2     Mfg#2_P/N


Can this somehow be done through Part Lister?

C1     0.1uF     Mfg#1     Mfg#1_P/N

C1     0.1uF     Mfg#2     Mfg#2_P/N





Message was edited by: Khoa Van Nguyen Just want to provide additional info: We are using DxDataBook for our part database. Can a DxD script helps to achieve BOM in the row format as shown above?