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    Filter out Classic items


      How to I only see Vesys 2.0 discussions.  In the former set up I could filter out all the classic items very easily now it seams I have no way of doing this?

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          Monte - thanks for the question. I also saw your similar question in the Vesys community that Andy_Reilly answered. He provided a link to a specific document that may be the one you are looking for.


          In the previous version there was  a separate community for Vesys2.0. Probably the easiest way to find content on 2.0 now is to just search on "2.0". You can do that in a couple of different places. One is to just use the main search. I just did and found a wide assortment of discussions and documents: .



          Or you can search from the overview page of the Vesys community and find similar results - VeSys Electrical . Just look for this search widget;

          vesys search.JPG

          Thanks for using the Mentor communities, and let me know if any other questions.