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    Pads Layout - Assembly Variant - bug in library name?


      Pads schematic and layout, 9.4.

      I am trying to generate an assembly variant. One part needs to be substituted (LED, using a different color for the variant).

      I assume I need to use the "Substitute" option in the Assembly Variant tool in layout.


      In order to substitute the LED for a different one, I selected "Substituted", then browsed for the other LED in my library, and selected it.

      When I try to exit the Assembly Variant tool, I get an error that it can't find the library.


      My library name for this LED is "Dan Miscellaneous Parts".

      The error I get is "Library Dan Not Found in Library Path File".


      This looks to me like the assembly variant tool may not like spaces in the library name. Is that correct?


      Is there any way to manage a variant / substitution from the schematic side using Pads? I see that Expedition does, but I don't see anything in Pads.


      Thanks in advance -

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          We also have problems with the substitution of components in Pads Logic. We are trying to sustitute different components with different values from the same library in Pads Logic 9.5. When creating the BOMs, we have all different kinds of errors in these parts. Most of the times, we get the correct name of the substituted components, but the describtions and other attribures are from the "original" component. In some cases, the Substitution works. In the Lib, the attributes are correctly set for the substituted components.


          To us the seems like a bug in Pads 9.5


          looking forward for any good tips.


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            If you feel it is a bug you can raise a service request and inform mentor.


            In the mean time i can suggest a workaround, you can place both the parts in the schematic and in the layout just overlap the two components and leave a note in assembly drawing saying for Assembly A mount X Component and for Assembly B mount Y component.