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    Old communities




      This might have been asked before but are you planning to add back the old communities like FPGA/ASIC, DO-254 etc?


      Would also be nice to add a Modelsim/Questa one,




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          Hans - My apologies for the delayed response. Would very much like to have communities for FPGA/ASIC and Modelsim/Questa. However, when we migrated from the old to this new version, we took a close look at historical activity. The FPGA/ASIC didn't have a lot, so at that time we decided not to carry it over. However, this is on my list of "wants" and I will be continuing to work with our support and product groups for those areas and hope to be able to offer them in the not too distant future.


          cc Kamal


          Re: the DO-254 area, again that was based on activity. There was very little activity on that community so decided to not continue it. If there is interest, we would definitely take a look at reinstating it, however.


          Thanks for your question, and being a member of the communities.

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            I am a good user of the Mechanical analysis user community.(in the old site) . The Mechanical analysis - Flotherm place also not created still.

            Any plans for creating..?




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              Abhiram - apologies it took a couple of days to respond. But just responded to this in your post from yesterday. Please let me know if other questions.