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    Ample code to create a circle



      I want to add a circle in my layout using Ample code. I
      was hoping to find an Ample command like “add_ellipse()” or “add_circle()”.

      If I add a circle manually and monitor the activity in the
      Transcript Section, it uses “add_shape()” with a huge list of coordinates. I
      know where I want the center of the circle and the circles radius – in my Ample
      code, how do I get this huge list of coordinates?



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          Could you please tell me which application you are trying to do this?



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            Hi Catherine,


            Thanks for they reply. I am using IC Graph.


            I did stumble across an answer to my own question while researching a different problem.

            “$add_circle()” does not exist, but “$get_circle()” does. So knowing the circle origin and radius, I can use “$get_circle()” to create the huge list  of ic_locations. “$add_shape()” can use this vector to draw the circle.


            Thanks again for the reply,



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              Hi Nate,


              We do not have this exact command. There is a command you can use to get what you need. The correct command for doing this is $add_donut and it takes the following arguments.


                type : name [circle, rectangle] { default = $last },

                layer : string { default = $last },

                pt1 : ic_location, //center point

                pt2 : ic_location, // inside radius point

                pt3 : ic_location  // outside radius point


              Try the function interactively to see how it works. If you specify the same point for pt1 and pt2, then you would get a circle. Remember, these are not perfect circles due to the limits of the grid. These are made from a series of lines to closely approximate a circle.