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Complex Access database as datasource for xDxDataBook?

Question asked by janos_kokavecz on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by john_dube

Dear all,


I plan to create a relatively complex database in Microsoft Access. I would like to use this database as data source for xDxDataBook.

I create different tables not only for the parts (as in the starter library), but for example I would like to create a separate table for the distributors. This will enable me to easily modify the distributors.

Tables are joined in Access (for example: Distributor field in the IC table is joined with the distributor name field in the Distributor table)

Hence, in MS Access I can perform quite complex queries. (for example when I browse the IC table I can find not only the distributor (which is stored in the IC table) of a certain part,  but also its address and phone number (read from the Distributor table))


When I set up xDxDataBook  can I use the result of MS Access Queries as datasource or only tables can be selected as data sources?