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Help translating from unmanaged library to central library

Question asked by djefferson on Oct 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2014 by djefferson

Hi all,

   I am using the new Pads VX with xDX designer.

I am trying to migrate our existing libraries to the new central library structure.

Using the Central Library Translator I have added our existing DX databook (dbc file),

symbol folder and the decal library (pd9).


All processes ok but the *.lmc file is empty of any parts, symbols, or decals.

The migration log file shows a note

"[I] Error loading LMC C:\PADS_LIB\Central_Lib\Central_Lib.lmc" this shows on each of the library partitions.

If this is the reason the lmc file is empty I have know clue what to fix to get this working.


Note, our libraries are structured with separate partitions for each component group in our database config file.

The decals are contained in one library and the symbols are all in one folder.

I'm not sure if this could be a problem or not.