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    Ref Des changed after re-packaging


      For example, there are a lot of identical capacitors attached to V33D.  During re-packaging, the software move them around.

      How can I tell it that this capacitor should be tied to this IC, and that cap for that IC, even though they are identical cap and tied to the same V33D.


      One way is to re-position all the capacitor in Expedition. But that that will be too much work. I wonder if there is a simpler way.

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          Why are you running repackage rather than just package? Repackage does just that and re-assigns reference designators throughout the design to optimize the packaging. Package will just assign new reference designators to parts that don't have them. If you must use Repackage then try the Repackage unfixed packages and on these particular capacitors add a Frozen Package=Fix (though I'm not certain this will achieve what you want). The final option is to re-assign the reference designators in PCB and back annotate the changes to the  schematic.

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            With the upcoming VX release, a property called Cluster can be assigned to a group of components.  Components with the same value of the Cluster property will be grouped together in Layout.


            For now, you can use cross probing to group components together.  Select the components in xDX Designer, and they will be selected in Layout.

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              cluster is available in dx version also ,to group similar components in schematic and make the components  connected to an ic or specific list of components to a group ,components in cluster could be placed in a single stretch