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how to make DxDes 9.2 & 9.4 coexist

Question asked by gedeakins on Oct 22, 2014

Since loading DxDes 9.4, anytime I try and open a 9.2 schematic (w/DxDes 9.2) the application creates a mini dump and will then cycle (attempting to restart, mini-dump, re-start, etc) until I de-select restart. I'm guessing there has been iCDB changes in 9.4 that's creating this situation. Tried isolating the two environments (WDIR with version specific subdirectories), but this does not seem to work. Any thoughts or suggestions?  Thank you for your time and consideration!


This is also the case for 9.5 and VX. So I will ask the question again, what does the user have to do to get these releases to coexist? Not able to find any mention of this in either site, but I'm guessing I'm not looking in the right place. Mentor?