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PADS user defined thermals

Question asked by on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by MENTOR_BillT

I'm using Pads 2007 for an audio power amp design.  The bulk power supply filter capacitors are on the PCB.  I edited the padstack properties for the capacitor decal to increase current capabilty.  I increased the number of spokes on the 150 mil pad from four to six.  I also increased the width of the spokes.  The bottom side of the two sided board is primary a ground plane.  The capacitor connection to the ground plane is made utilizing this thermal pad.  The capacitor's pad connection displayed on the bottom view of the PCB and shows four spokes and not six.  When I select the pad -> right mouse button click -> select Pad stack within Pin properties ->select Pad style - Thermals within Pad Stack Properties, I see my user defined six spoke thermal pad.  I see it defined for both the top and bottom sides although the connection on the top side of the PCB is made using a 150 mil pad. .  I generated the gerber files for the PCB and the ViewMate gerber viewer also shows a four spoke thermal pad on the bottom side of the PCB.  What do I need to perform to influence Pads to utilize my user defined thermal?  I appears as if the default thermal is being utilized.