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Where is the config for VBreport kept (Report Writer)

Question asked by greg.hall on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by greg.hall

I need to run VBReport on my layout to produce an ipc netlist and also Fabmaster outputs.


This used to work on my pc, however I went into vbreport today and there were no output options available (nothing to select)


Can someone please help to explain what config file I need and where these are located. I presume they need to be on my local hard drive, because when a collegue opens the same design he can output the ipc netlist.


This is a DxDesigner/Expedition 7.9.1 configuration on a Windows 7 pc.


Additional information - This is when I launch the Report Writer tool, and then the application launcher button. I get no options to select, whereas previously I had ipc netlist etc options.

Where have they gone, but more important how do I get them back?


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