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Update/replace cached symbols in DxDesigner

Question asked by aclark on Oct 30, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2014 by aclark

I seem to be having some problems with a few "link" symbols in DxDesigner.  The symbol names are in CAPITALS in the library (e.g. CON_INTER_O.1), but are cached in the schematics in lower-case.  This seems to cause a problem with JUMP TO not working, and causes lots of errors, particularly DRC-121.  I should say that this is EE7.9.4u6, with a shared common central library.


Adding a new link doesn't work - it gets the same lower-case name (I guess the tool notices that the symbols is already in the design, so doesn't actually copy it from the library).  I had a quick look with library services, but I couldn't find an obvious way to access the locally cached symbols like was possible with DC.


A new project created from scratch does not have these problems; however what I'd like to do is fix my existing project, complete with it's 76 pages of schematics and 3000+ components.  We've seen this once before, and in this case, the design was half re-input from scratch because it was a small project and didn't use too many instances (which make copying blocks easier).


Have I missed something else?  How can I force DxDesigner to re-load the symbols from the central library?